Fanuc alarm: 140 – BP/S alarm

CNC Machine Alarm Error & Message: 140 – BP/S alarm

Fanuc Alarm Description:
BP/S alarm occurs in the same number as the P/S alarm that occurs in
ordinary program edit. (070, 071, 072, 073, 074 085,086,087 etc.) It was attempted to select or delete in the background a program being
selected in the foreground. (Note)
Use background editing correctly.

Additional Suggestions & Fanuc alarm: 140 – BP/S alarm Clarification:
None currently

Troubleshooting Recommendations for (Fanuc alarm: 140 – BP/S alarm) Error Message:

Fanuc CNC Control Models Applicable:16/18/21, 16i/18i/21i, 160i/180i/210i, 0/00/0-mate, 0i

Fanuc alarm: 140 – BP/S alarm